Muslims and Islam- Terms are often hyped not for good reasons but with violence, terrorism, violators of human and women rights, infamous for being social backward in every aspect of lives and incompatible with current century.

Is it true?

Does Islam really transform muslim this way or someone has really hijacked Islam and manipulating muslims in what way they want?

Sacred Daleel come into existence with aim to introduce one Islamic media platform where muslim intelligentsia around the world give refutation of such hypes either coming out from inside of muslim community itself or outside of the community.

Sacred Daleel does so by publishing articles, distribute free/paid e-books, share research and survey paper, individual opinions, podcasts, events, videos and holding forum conversations on website itself.

We look at all the issues purely through muslim’s rights and democratic perspective and do not endorse any particular political party or group.

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Note: all articles and books are from individual(writers and authors) point of view. Their views don’t represent sacred daleel.

We(Sacred Daleel) hold neutral point of view “we describe views but not engage”.