We have taken excerpts from research articles of  Altnews, SMHoaxSlayer and Boomlive ( Alternative media platforms in , Those often help to burst fake/hoaxes news spreading over social Media)

The age of where Islam has been hijacked by terrorists, Muslims are seen as suspect of crimes and normal citizens are swayed by hate and anger is offering new tool in the hand of politicians, their aides and hatemongers to fulfill their heinous agendas and certainly with time world has been witnessing the frequent incidents of racial attacks on muslims throughout the world.

India and it’s muslim populous is not left with this climate of hate and this is not new for them as since partition between Pakistan and India, muslims often have been facing unprecedented riots, killings and lynches.

But booming age of digitization has been bringing such level of hate to new heights, hatemongers are working round a clock to create the atmosphere of hate towards particularly muslim community and there are many people even people of having political background are supporting them.

There are many examples have been seen as rumours , videos and messages those are being circulated by few hatemongers day and night through social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp,Twitter and Youtube etc.

For example

  1. आंध्रप्रदेश की एक हिंदू मारवाड़ी लड़की जिसकी शादी एक मुस्लिम लड़के के साथ शादी हुई थी। आज कुछ मुस्लिम लोगों नें मिलकर बुरीतरह मारा फिर जिंदा जला दिया। बुर्का ना पहनने के लिये – –देखिये दिल दहला देने वाली video”

     (Translation: A Hindu Marwardi girl from Andhra Pradesh who was married to a Muslim man was beaten up and burnt alive by a few people belonging to the Muslim community for not wearing burkha)

A video with the aforementioned text has been viral on various forms of social media including WhatsApp and Facebook for about a year and a half now.

According to Alt News research (www.altnews.in), this video was first posted by a Facebook page called “Hindu Rashtra Sena” in February 2016. It is June 2017 but this video refuses to stop being viral. Why is this a concern? Because this video is not from Andhra Pradesh and doesn’t remotely represent the text that it is being circulated with.

Marwari Girl


Alt News debunked this video in March 2017. The video is from Guatemala in which a mob kills a girl who along with two other men was allegedly involved in shooting and killing a Taxi driver. She got caught while her two alleged accomplices managed to flee the scene of crime. This is a 4 minute video and it is as grotesque as it gets wherein the girl is videographed being beaten up and burnt alive till the time she finally dies.

The mob in the video consists of other women too, none of whom were wearing a Burkha. None in the mob were wearing the traditional Muslim skullcap. None in the mob were speaking a language which had any resemblance to any Indian language. Yet, none of those obvious observations mattered to many because of the provocative nature of the introductory text. This video continues to be shared even today. Rahul Kumar posted the video on his Facebook profile on June 26th, Nakul Pal on June 23rd, Ravi Sharma on June 22nd, Mandeep Boparai on June 21st, the list is endless.

  1. “Muslims are killing a Hindu man or woman, media won’t show this reality, share this widely”

    Muslims are killing a Hindu man or woman, media won’t show this reality, share this widely”

This video went viral right after Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer, was murdered by Gau Rakshaks ( Cow vigiliants) in Alwar, Rajasthan in the first week of April with introductory message that “while media and leaders of opposition parties are focused on the issue to Pehlu Khan hey will never talk about the murder of a Hindu.

The video was initially shared by a person called Ghanshyam Jangid on his Facebook profile, his post was shared over 41,000 times. Anindya Banerjee of India Today even passed off a snapshot of this video as a file picture of communal strife from West Bengal in a news report of his .

Alt News wrote about this issue in April 2017. The video is actually from Bangladesh where a man called Abu Syed was murdered on April 1st, 2017. Abu Syed was accused in the murder of Awami League leader Monir Hossain Sarkar. This incident happened in Titas subdivision of Coomilla district in Bangladesh. The issue was also covered by the local news website called Coomilla-r-Kagoj which translates to “Coomilla’s Newspaper”.

While this video from Bangladesh was being circulated as Hindu killed by Muslims in West Bengal, it was also simultaneously being circulated as Hindu killed by Muslims in Nawada, Bihar.


A month later, this video from Bangladesh was circulated a third time with the claim that Kashmiri students were killing a CRPF Jawan. This time the original post was shared over 35,000 which led to this video becoming viral all over again on social media. The screenshot shows how this fake video was circulated via WhatsApp.

Circulations 2

Continuing the trend of fake videos claiming “Muslims killed/injured Hindus”, BJP Asansol IT Incharge Tarun Sengupta shared a video on his Facebook Timeline on April 17th, 2017, claiming that Hanuman Bhakts were beaten up by two senior IPS officers in West Bengal Police Cadre namely Nishat Pervez and Farhat Abbas. He claimed that the said event happened on Hanuman Jayanti which was celebrated on April 11, 2017. The idea was to show how a Muslim police officer is raining atrocities on Hindus. As it happens, the video that Tarun Gupta shared has been available on Internet for over 3 years. Alt News debunked this issue here.

BJP Asansol IT Incharge Tarun Sengupta shared a video

The video shared by Tarun Sengupta was also shared by the fake news website Postcard.news. Fake news websites often help in propagation of such videos. For eg, yet another fake news website called Hindutva.info had shared the Mexican stabbing video claiming that it was a member of a Left party killing a RSS Karyakarta. Hindutva.info had also shared the video from Bangladesh falsely claiming it was a Hindu being killed in West Bengal.

Fake Videos are also often circulated immediately after certain trending issues/events. Soon after two Indian jawans were beheaded by Pakistani army, a beheading video of a Brazilian Bank robber was circulated claiming it was an Indian army jawan being beheaded. When India lost the finals of Champions trophy to Pakistan, at least 3 misleading videos were circulated claiming Indian Muslims were celebrating Pakistans win. One of the videos was a December 2016 video from Vadodara, another video was from Pakistan and yet another video was an older video from Bhagalpur, Bihar.

  1. Cow slaughter videos from other countries as there its legal to slaughter circulated with the claim that it is happening in India is the other kind of fake video that is often to be found on social media.

  2. Along this there are thousands of fake twitter accounts of celebrities and individuals who are created for purpose to just spread hate in the society.


For example : Sara Ali khan’s fake account @SaraKhanWorld who is daughter of the bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan actor.

Fake Account

This account generally uses to spread hate towards muslims community and Islam and this fake account was caught by BOOM .

In the pinned tweet account handler was asking the question to users to vote if a Muslim woman should marry a Hindu man to enjoy all the rights of a married woman.

Apart from these there are many other tweets there the handlers has been releasing venom in the society.


  1. There is also many other fake accounts with name of muslims who are working to just ignite the flame of hate within society for example Egypt professor picture on Eid-ul_Adha with his daughter framed in the Indian context by person name Muhammad Firoz Khan with provocative text that claims the man played ‘Holi’ with the blood of a cow on ‘Bakrid’ and is making India “secular”.

But Later all found baseless and this was also caught by investigation of BOOM.

There are many else way people are misusing the social media for their benefits and their agenda to polarize the society over the line of muslims and non muslims and they and we.


  1. There are indeed many fake news websites such as Postcards.news, Hindutva.info etc as well as hate creation machines such as rightlog.in and hindpost.in & shanknaad etc. Although they call themselves news website but every second post over social media and their articles are anti muslims. They call themselves protector of religion and culture but they don’t talk about religion anywhere but fake posts and taunts and behind the taunts they leave their predefined agenda into the minds of majority that they are in danger from muslims.

Certainly muslims are struggling and victimizing with these fake news, videos, pictures, fake accounts menace not only India but almost every country around the world and less deserving politicians use such tactics to gather votes as we have watching on globe.

If you really want to know tactics of the politicians and want to know how the big  digital army has been created for this purpose and how they are working.

Buy and Read this book

And apart from this do make a habit to follow these websites Altnews, SMHoaxSlayer and Boomlive  and share these with everyone and protect them to become a pray of hatemongers.







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