To write an article on Sacred Daleel, you’ll need to setup a user account and login to SACRED DALEEL. Once you are logged in, you can click on the “Submit your article” from menu tab. You will then see the SACRED DALEEL editor .

The most basic SACRED DALEEL article must have a title and body text. Any articles based on current affairs on incidents must have links to sources. You may also feel free to add images (that you own the copyright to) and videos (we recommend uploading videos on YouTube and then sharing the links in the editor). The format link below explains how you can add videos, Tweets, Facebook posts and other embeds inside your post.

We encourage you to format your stories properly. Find out more about how to use the SACRED DALEEL Editor’s features to create a story that is readable and looks clean. So before starting writing the article we want you go through our EDITOR TUTORIAL and USER SUBMITTED ARTICLES CLAUSES.



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