When our forefathers dreamt of a modern , they imagined a place free of crimes, a place where peace prevailed, where everyone enjoyed their rights and freedom, where no one was oppressed, where no one was poor or deprived. They thought that the era of technology will bring these changes and this place will become a heaven to live in.

However, we have seen in last century that this rise of technology has led the world to the unprecedented way. World has become a place, where all sorts of evils are prospering and the wicked and devils have a respectable position, where a man is respected because of his money and not his virtue, where morals have been restricted to books while the world is ruled by lust, greed and selfish motives. We live in a society where disorder is the order of the day and the weak have no refuge.

One of the major issues of the world is- insecurity of the fairer sex i.e. females. As taken an examples of countries like Sweden, Germany, Russia, America, New Zealand, UK, India and elsewhere part of the world the cases are very frequent and on a rise. Girls live in a constant fear of insecurity. However, this article is not concerned with plight of rather it will focus on the ineffectiveness of the measures taken by the government regarding this issue.

Women Safety and Government Failure
Pic: Protests Against at Dupont Circle

In India itself one of the most famous measures taken by government is the ‘phone helpline’ that will be helping the women round the clock. But on a bit of reflection, we find that this is just a shallow step which is done for the appeasement of people but it will fail to give results on grounds. This is because, how many female victims get a chance to make a call in such a situation. Even if they get a chance to call, will it be possible for workers of helpline, to provide help to victims in the stipulated time. Even if some women get benefit through it, their number will be very small. The overall situation remains unaffected. Eventually, this step will prove to be a failure.

A high-level meeting headed by Cabinet Secretary (Mr. Ajit Seth) before few month cleared a series of measures to check cases of crime against women in the wake of the Delhi gang rape incident which shook the world, He included ‘gender sensitivity’ as an index of assessment in the annual appraisal report of police officers. This method cannot be fruitful because we are very aware about the of police department. It is not a big task for them to show annual progress on this issue on papers. Moreover, this can be seen in all the government departments where they render the service on papers but on ground the situation become even worse.

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has decided to put up names, photographs, details of sexual offenders on its website. Well, it is even hilarious to think that this is step is going to help anyway because to put their names, it is necessary to catch them first and if they are caught they will fear persecution more than this on social sites.

Banning of tinted glasses-the question is how many rapes do happen in cars. Even if they do happen it is not much difficult for criminals to take alternatives.

More buses for police, recruitment of women police and more power and facilities for them. These all step can make a difference, for that small ‘fraction’ of girls, who get a chance to make contact to police before the assault. Even what ‘fraction of girls’ will get help in time that remains a question.

District Superintendent of Education (DSE) and Indian Council Research for Women (ISRW) have decided to organize workshop in 40 schools which will include 8,000 students. This workshop will teach the boys, how to respect girls because according to these institutes, now a day’s boys are getting degree, but they don’t know how to respect girls. Now the question is, how effective this workshop will be; that after this workshop will the boys become saints and they will swear never to tease any girl, even in slightest matter. This is completely a theoretical concepts, a person tendency which is build in years, cannot be changed in hours. Even for the argument, even if this do happen, which is not possible even in slightest degree, what fraction do these people represent in 500 million males of our society, Just nothing! Such steps only increase the points in the list, but cannot produce results on grounds and these are not only suggestions of government of India to prevent rapes but almost every country finding the solutions of this menace like these.

Government along with people of world should know they have to bring a massive change rather creating ineffective policies they have to strike on the basis of evil. Our society has become a place where exposure of youth to shamelessness is unobstructed. Young minds are getting sexual input from everywhere either from talk of movies, songs in friend circle and environment, advertisements and serials, where preservation of virtues is considered an outdated phenomenon. Exposure to nudity through adult movies has become part and parcel of life of students. Free intermingling with opposite sex is considered as the order of the day. The outcome of such a situation is that the sexual emotion of youth has become uncontrolled and they do harass women whenever they get ‘CHANCE’. On the other hand, girls have completely lost their pride of being women and are not ready to change at any cost. Instead of correcting themselves, they consider this, an attack on their freedom. So, It has been clearly seen that both parties are not ready to compromise on their parts and whenever such attitudes exists in society, sexual crime finds its place.

But what is aforesaid, is the problem. What is solution to it? If there is a solution why the society has been unable to find it? Why the responsible people of society have been unable to bring forth a system that eradicates this evil.

“The reason is that they are not looking at the cause of this evil, and are taking measures to prevent it.”

This type of attitude is like scratching the surface, which can never produce satisfactory results. The only way to remove this evil, and not only this but all the evils of world, is to follow the way of life given by our CREATOR- .

This not ‘A or B solution’ but ‘the only Solution’ for mankind for all their problems.

When a person stops himself from committing sins. It is when he considers that he will be held ‘accountable’ for that deed. Absence of this feeling makes a person devilishly reckless and he sins as per his capability. Thus, crimes prosper in each and every field of life. But GOD has said in Quran that a person, however strong or weak, rich or poor, cannot escape the accountability on the Day of Judgment. Where HE will be the judge and people will be showed not only their deeds but also the intention and this punishment and reward will be of great scale, where on one hand the criminals will be cast into fire; the righteous will be granted heaven full of desirable rewards.

Only realization of this ‘REALITY’ can stop people from committing crimes. Otherwise, no amount of police or laws can suffice because a disease cannot be cured until the virus responsible is attacked. Islam instills a great feeling of accountability and hence every individual becomes a watch guard for himself and as a result crimes are eradicated.
Secondly, to remove the crimes completely from the society we need a manual for life. A complete do’s and don’ts type, which should be universally applicable for humanity on individual as well as social level. These codes of conduct must also be compatible with the nature of man so that naturally our hearts may bend towards this message.

Quran and sayings of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) constitute such a guide. GOD has never left us to wander in the wilderness of this life. Instead, from time to time he gave His messengers the complete way of life, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) being the last Prophet in the chain. This message is complete step by step guide for mankind to live a perfect life.

Today, we see around us that people have become selfish and lonely, criminals are the rulers, corruption is on its peak, money and evil desires have become our masters, greed, and lust have become a part of society, weak are oppressed, millions of people are without food, women are not safe, crushing poverty is widely prevalent, war are common, common man has to work hard for his belly, practices like dowry and child infanticide are everywhere, man has degraded to his lowest level. All this is because of one reason- we don’t want to follow the way showed by our CREATOR (the most high) says in Quran “will HE not know who created”. Meaning our LORD knows best which way to adopt and which not. If our society doesn’t wake up now the degradation will continue and our world will become a jungle where strong will prey on weak and weak will have no solace.


Ziaur Rahman is an engineer by profession and alumni of Krishna Institute Of Engineering And Technology (KIET)



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