Sacred Daleel is an online platform for the Muslim struggle throughout the world. It is working as news aggregator to create one of the muslim media station.

Sacred Daleel do also work to refute all the ideas of negative minds inside and outside of muslim society by creating articles and distribution of free/paid e-books and books, sharing research papers and everything else of media written by world’s muslim intelligentsia.

We call upon our readers and sympathisers to volunteer some of their time and if you are passionate and willing to collaborate, you are most welcome to join us as a member. You can work from anywhere online at your convenience.

You can help us by doing anything either

  • Writing the articles*
  • Sharing your books(if author)
  • Updating the website and our social media pages
  • Creating posts for our social Media page
  • Handling Forums on website
  • Sharing Videos
  • Produce Podcast


  • Stay connected with us.

*we would like if our writers show their expertise on the sections already created on website although there is no limit for anyone they can write on other topics irrespective of given sections/categories.

Sections :

  • Current affairs                 [News from the world]
  • Opinions                         [Author Posts]
  • Islamic History               [Excerpt from Islamic History]
  • Wisdom of Quran           [Share virtue of verses]
  • Daleel Media                  [Videos Posts]
  • Wisdom of Hadith          [Virtue of Hadith]
  • Muslim Women              [Women rights & roles]
  • Research and Survey   [Research/ survey paper on muslims]
  • Publication                     [Islamic book reviews]
  • Events                           [post events around the world and their coverage (audio&video)]
  • Islamic poetry                [Islamic poetries and their simplifications]
  • Podcasts                        [Podcasts of Scholars]

Please write to us at to join us!

send us a brief note how you can contribute to us and send us some recent pieces of your work (if possible). This would enable us to have some more clarity about you.

Sacred Daleel is run purely on non-profit basis as of now so we won’t be able to pay, but we would cooperate and try our best that it becomes a good experience for you in future In Sha Allah.

With warm regards,

Team Sacred Daleel